Saying goodbye to Gran

Benefits of Planning Ahead for a Funeral

You do not know when you will die, but you do know that it is inevitable. It is not morbid to begin planning your funeral well before you become ill or elderly. You can work with a funeral home at any time to begin planning your funeral arrangements. There are a number of different benefits that can be gained by taking this approach:

Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements

The funeral arrangements that you make while living are classified as pre-need. You have the ability to authorise what services you want included in your funeral and burial. This means that you finalise all aspects of your funeral before you die. This is different than at-need funeral planning, which is done after a person has passed on. At-need funeral planning is done by the family members of the deceased.

Gives You Optimal Control

The only way to ensure that your funeral is in alignment with your wishes is to plan ahead. Those that you leave behind might not be aware of your wishes for your funeral. This means that your survivors might not know of your preference to be cremated over buried. When you plan ahead for your funeral, you have the ability to consider important factors, including cost, types of services and the amount of people that you want to attend. The only way to have control of your funeral is to make plans in advance of your death.

Reduce Stress on Surviving Family

Death is something that can be incredibly traumatic for those that are left behind. When you die, it will be emotionally draining for your loved ones. Choosing to plan ahead for your funeral allows you to remove some of the burden that your survivors must face. Your family members do not have to try and guess what you would want for your funeral. All of your wishes will already be clearly outlined.

Relieve Financial Burden from Family

Not only can you take some of the emotional burden off of your family, but advanced funeral planning also allows you to take some of the financial burden too. When you plan your funeral ahead of time, you have the ability to know the total cost and can set aside funds.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Death is something that can cause stress, because you never want to burden your family. When you choose to plan your funeral ahead of mind, you get the assurance in knowing that everything is taken care of and that nothing unexpected will arise. It is a wise decision to choose to plan for your funeral in advance.

For more help, contact a funerals professional to get more information.

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Saying goodbye to Gran

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