Saying goodbye to Gran

What are the pros and cons of having someone cremated?

When a loved one dies, the last thing you want to do is think about how to handle the remains, but it is something that needs to be decided fairly quickly. If your loved one did not have a will or didn't mention what they preferred after they died, it is up to you to choose between cremation and burial. Here are some pros and cons of choosing cremation.

Pro: Cremation is more affordable

If you are on a limited budget and there wasn't life insurance to help cover funeral costs, cremation is a good option. The cremation itself is very affordable, and you can choose an inexpensive container instead of a fancy urn. This might be preferred if you plan to spread the ashes anyway. You can choose whether or not to have a memorial service, which can be at a family member's house to further cut back on costs.

Con: There is nowhere to visit the deceased

A drawback to choosing cremation over a burial is that there isn't a place to visit the deceased. With a burial, you have a headstone or grave marker of some kind where friends and family can visit when they want to pay their respects. If your loved one was cremated, their ashes are either in an urn or spread. People would need to visit the place where the ashes were spread if they wanted to pay respects. If you want to have a beautiful headstone for your loved one, you should choose a traditional burial.

Pro: The ashes can be spread in a memorable place

On the bright side, spreading ashes of someone who is cremated can be a more memorable experience. If your loved one had a favorite park, beach, or golf course, you might consider spreading them there. You can also plant them in the soil underneath a new tree or in their own backyard garden. With public places, keep in mind you need to know local ordinances as not all of them allow ashes to be spread.

Con: Some families have disagreements about cremation

It is a good idea to ask your close family members what they think about cremation versus burial, as some might not agree with cremation. This could be personal preference or a religious issue. If the budget is low or you simply want the process to be over faster, you don't necessarily all need to be in agreement. However, potential arguments over this decision could be a disadvantage.

Pro: There isn't the hassle of planning a funeral

You will also not have the added hassle of planning the funeral. Cremation can be done very quickly, without having to decide on the funeral arrangements, sending invitations to the funeral, waiting for the embalming process, and selecting a casket and gravestone. Some people prefer to have the process done quickly to get on with the grieving process.

For more information, contact a funeral director.

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Saying goodbye to Gran

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