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A Guide on Cemetery Restoration

Cemeteries have deep meanings in many societies around the world. They not only provide communities with a place to bury their dead but also remind members of significant events, such as wars and plagues. Over time, cemeteries get run down due to poor management. This extract discusses how to restore a cemetery. 

Form a management committee. 

The management committee should comprise people interested in restoring the graveyard. The functions of the committee include:

  • Inspecting the cemetery to identify urgent and long-term works.
  • Creating a budget for the restoration works.
  • Mobilising community members to participate in the restoration process.
  • Liaising with the local government and non-governmental bodies to secure funds for the repair works.
  • Supervising the restoration works.

Use the right tools.

You will require spades, garden forks, hammers, rakes and other gardening, carpentry and masonry tools to conduct the restoration works. To cut down on the budget, the committee should ask community members to volunteer their tools for the restoration works.

Consider fence restoration. 

Consider low-maintenance fences, such as Colorbond, wrought iron, PVC or chain link. If you have a limited budget, erect a live fence. The shrubs you plant must withstand the area's climate and should not wilt in severe weather. 

Invest in landscaping.

There are a variety of pesticides that you can spray to eliminate weeds in the grass. Since you expect people to walk on the cemetery lawns, you should choose a low-maintenance grass with excellent self-repair properties. If possible, use organic fertiliser when planting. Also, install sprinklers to make it easy to water the lawn. You may require a contractor to repair asphalt driveways. Aggregate, concrete slabs or interlocking pavers are perfect for the pavements. 

Electricals and garden installations. 

Consider solar-powered security lighting in the cemetery. If you would want to install garden lights in the graveyard, work with LED lights, as they are energy efficient. Patios and gazebos are excellent recreational areas. Besides, they can also be used as podiums for funeral services. 

Explore tombstone restoration options. 

Tombstone restoration may be a tedious task if the cemetery has many graves. Your immediate task should be to prevent further deterioration of the gravestones by repairing broken tombstones. Use a wire brush to remove loose dirt on the cracks. Apply epoxy adhesive to seal cracks and restore broken parts. Remove any vegetation around the tombstone and use an ionic cleanser and a soft brush to clean the headstone. Hire an expert to repair worn-out engravings on the gravestones.

During cemetery restoration, form a management committee, get the right tools, restore fences and tombstones, conduct landscape works and consider electrical and garden installations. 

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