Saying goodbye to Gran

The Importance of a Funeral Headstone

When someone dies, the funeral and what happens afterwards play an important part in helping people to get some closure from the death. Being able to heal from what is often a fairly traumatic experience means that a number of important things need to happen, such as getting the correct headstone or tombstone in place, with the appropriate wording. 

Role of a funeral 

Whilst there are many types of funerals, a funeral's central purpose is usually to allow family and friends to come together. They do this in order to both celebrate the person's life and be able to express their grief at the passing of a loved one. 

The role of a funeral director and funeral home is fairly crucial in this process. Not only do they organise the practicalities of the funeral, but they often guide the family emotionally as well. A good funeral director will help a family choose what they want and at the same time not try to force any decision. 

Funeral headstone 

The importance of a funeral headstone is often understood but not thought of initially. However, planning all aspects of a headstone can be a really good idea, if it is possible. Doing so in advance allows everyone to really consider what they want and work out the practicalities of it.  

Headstone and tombstone regulations 

A headstone or tombstone acts as a permanent memorial for the loved one. There are a number of things that need to be taken into account. 

Depending upon who owns the land where the burial is to take place, there are normally fairly strict regulations about what type of headstone or tombstone can be put in place. These are normally to preserve the overall character of the cemetery or to respect certain religious beliefs. These regulations normally relate to the size of the tombstone and what type of material it can be constructed from. Other things such as space for flowers or containers can also be regulated. 

Whoever is organising the headstone or tombstone should also bear in mind the need for long-term maintenance. A funeral home will often have their own in-house craftsmen who build and construct appropriate tombstones and headstones, and if not, they will be able to advise on local contractors. 

Tombstone wordings 

The wording on a tombstone or headstone is very important. The wording on a headstone provides a public memorial for the loved ones to be able to remember the person by. What is written on it does not need to be long or lengthy, although it can be. It needs to be authentic and loving, and something that touches the hearts of the people who read it. 

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Saying goodbye to Gran

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