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How To Choose A Granite Cemetery Monument

There are several reasons to choose a granite cemetery monument for your loved one's grave. Other than being affordable, granite comes in a variety of colours and finishes. This article describes how to choose a granite cemetery monument. 

Check Cemetery Laws

Visit the cemetery and inquire whether there are any restrictions regarding the size and design of the headstone. For instance, private cemeteries or those reserved for former war heroes could have specific requirements regarding the headstone design. 

Monument Design

Upright headstones are vertically placed on the grave. They are fixed a few inches below the ground to prevent them from falling over. Flat monuments are placed on the grave. Raise the headstone a few inches above the ground to protect it from accumulating dirt during heavy rains. Kerbed gravestones cover the whole grave. They incorporate an upright headstone that is fixed to a kerb. Improve the appeal of this monument by planting flowers inside the kerb, filling it with decorative pebbles or covering it with a granite slab. 

You will also have to choose an appropriate monument finish. For instance, polished headstones are shiny and will make the grave stand out. If you do not want a glossy finish, you could opt for a part-polished monument. This monument is polished at the area where you inscribe the epitaph. Frosted finishes are sandblasted to give a smooth finish. However, these headstones are not polished. You could also go for customised incorporating axed, shell rock or honed finishes.  

Choosing a Granite Cemetery Monument Supplier

Hire an experienced granite cemetery monument supplier to design the headstone. Below are some tips to help you choose a supplier: 

  1. Check the company website and social media pages to evaluate the quality of their headstones. Companies with skilled designers will have a catalogue of numerous monument designs. Besides, you can consult with the designers and ask for a custom monument.
  2. Check the company's reputation on the internet and social media. 

Most companies have a competitive pricing structure. However, others will go the extra mile and provide after-sales services such as free transport and installation. Some companies will sell their products over the internet. If this is the case, evaluate their return policy and shipping charges. For instance, they should refund your cash if the headstone gets damaged during transport. 

Choosing a headstone could not be any easier. Examine cemetery laws, choose an appropriate design and work with a granite cemetery monument supplier

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Saying goodbye to Gran

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