Saying goodbye to Gran

Top Reasons to Choose a Single Upright Monument

Losing a loved one is emotionally challenging; however, memorialising their life is even harder, which is the reason why many people find the subject difficult to discuss. In fact, many people do not know where to begin as far as memorialising a loved one goes. Luckily, you can rely on funeral homes' professional advice regarding honouring a deceased family member, relative or friend. The best place to start is your choice of a memorial stone, and nothing comes close to single monuments. This article highlights the benefits of choosing single monuments over other headstone types.

Plenty of Room

One of the most challenging steps in memorialising the deceased is finding the right words to fit a grave marker. Most memorial stones are small, which forces you to be economical with words. Therefore, it might take family members a bit of time to phrase a deceased person's favourite quote without losing its meaning. Single monuments do not present this problem because they are large and offer plenty of room to fit a grave marker. It allows friends and family members to memorialise all aspects of a deceased person's life without reducing words of endearment.

Easy to Find 

Loved ones usually visit a deceased person's grave to pay their respects and for remembrance purposes during anniversaries. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to locate a grave if you install low-lying grave markers, such as flat or kerbed headstones. The grave markers can get lost in the sea of headstones in a large burial ground. Single monuments are different and the easiest to find in a cemetery because they consist of two pieces: the base and a die. As the name suggests, the base part provides a platform for the die — the upright portion — to sit on. The design ensures that an upright monument sits higher than other headstones, making it easier to locate even from a distance. Most people choose a unique shape or colour for their single monuments for ease of identification, especially during the first visit.

Wide Range of Unique Designs

Headstone designers have various unique designs that you can choose from for a loved one's grave marker. However, your choice of design can be restricted by the size and orientation of a stone. For instance, headstone designers can do nothing much with kerbed grave markers other than squaring them. However, single upright monuments allow you to choose from a wide range of designs because of their large surface area. Therefore, designers can chop and cut away bits and pieces without reducing the size of single monuments significantly.

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Saying goodbye to Gran

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