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Benefits of Funeral Webcasting You May Not Know About

Funeral webcasting is a new service many funeral directors are offering as part of funeral planning services. You may know about webcasting but think it would not benefit your funeral plans. The truth is there are several ways you can benefit from funeral webcasting for you or your loved ones. Here are a few of the benefits you may not know about and how they can benefit your plans.

Archived Funeral Service

A leading benefit of funeral webcasting is having an archived funeral service. Funeral webcasts are usually recorded by the funeral home. They can be given on a DVD or on a thumb drive to the family following the service. This archived footage allows family or friends to view the funeral service at any time. You will also have the ability to provide copies of the funeral service to other family members and friends. The service will also be archived on the funeral home's website for a specific amount of time.

Live Chat Discussions

A unique benefit of having a funeral webcast is the ability to have a live chat discussion during the funeral. This chat allows people who are attending the webcasting of the funeral to talk and discuss just as if they were there. People who are across the country can discuss and talk to other participants regardless of their location. This allows family and friends who have not seen each other in years to be able to communicate and pay their respects at the same time. Live chat discussions can also be added as part of the archived funeral service if the family requests this option.

Outreach to Older Relatives

If your loved one was older, there may be several family members and friends who are unable to attend due to age and health. The funeral webcasting allows these individuals to attend the funeral when they would otherwise be unable to pay their respects in person. They can watch from the funeral home website during the live webcast. If you know of family members and individuals who cannot make the funeral due to their health or age, you can discuss how to log into the funeral webcast with their local family members or with nursing home or healthcare staff to ensure that these older relatives do have the ability to attend their loved one's funeral.

When you want to learn more about how to broadcast funeral services, schedule an appointment with a local funeral director. They can discuss funeral webcasting for your plans or the plans of your loved one. They can also discuss pricing, timing and any specific points regarding the webcasting service.

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Saying goodbye to Gran

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