Saying goodbye to Gran

Cemetery Memorial Benches: A Place to Sit and Contemplate

When a loved one is laid to rest, it's difficult to anticipate how often you'll be visiting their grave in the years to come. It's not as though there's a minimum quota, and the frequency of your visits will be fairly organic — taking place as often as you need. You won't be the only one visiting, and while visiting a grave fulfils an emotional need, the cemetery memorial you choose can also reflect the physical needs of those who might visit to pay their respects.

The Same Purpose as a Headstone

A cemetery memorial bench acts as a headstone for your loved one. It's a bench typically made of the same materials as a traditional memorial (such as granite), and your loved one's details are engraved on its surface. In addition to serving the same purpose as a headstone, it also has a real practical application, creating a dedicated place to sit and contemplate.

A Comfortable Place to Contemplate

The simple act of providing a seat can be beneficial for family members and friends who might be elderly or have mobility issues. The bench allows them to stay comfortably by the graveside for as long as they need. 

A Simple But Essential Enquiry

Before you make the final decision to install a cemetery memorial bench, you must consult the cemetery in question. It's possible that bench-style memorials are not permitted by the cemetery's bylaws, which can be applicable when a cemetery wishes to create a look of uniformity (with all memorials being approximately the same size and shape). All it takes is a simple enquiry, but it's crucial that you discuss your intentions with cemetery management.

The Materials and Construction

It's also important to remember that given the materials involved and the construction required to manufacture a usable bench, a cemetery memorial bench will often be somewhat more expensive than a traditional memorial. There will be some price variations depending on the final design and preferred material, and additions such as having ornamental sculptures integrated into the design will generally increase the price. As a rule of thumb, the simpler the design of the cemetery memorial bench, the more budget-friendly it will be. 

A cemetery bench is a lovely way to memorialise your loved one, and it also allows you (and anyone else paying their respects) to sit by the grave for as long as you need to, fondly remembering your loved one.

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Saying goodbye to Gran

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