Saying goodbye to Gran

Choosing a Coffin for a Loved One: A Few Considerations

If you've been tasked with making the funeral arrangements for a loved one, one of your major decisions will be choosing a coffin. Of course, there are a considerable number of options, ranging from a plain wooden (or even cardboard) box to lavishly ornamental coffins or even a non-traditional custom-made coffin. It's a significant decision that may represent a substantial financial investment. When choosing the best coffin, you need to consider a number of factors.

An Open Casket Service

Will your loved one be farewelled with an open casket funeral? Your loved one may have left specific instructions that this was their preference. Some families simply prefer an open casket funeral as it allows them to see their loved one for the last time. An open casket funeral requires a traditional lidded coffin or a half-lidded coffin (where the lid is divided in two, and the top half is opened). 

Lidded or Half-Lidded

The funeral will be followed by a burial or cremation, and this is when coffin selection becomes a little more complex. You will require a lidded or half-lidded coffin for an open casket service, but this might seem like an extravagant purchase—especially when cremation is the chosen option. Any funeral home worth its salt will have funeral planning solutions for this very problem.

It's possible to rent a traditional coffin (lidded or half-lidded) specifically for the funeral. Your loved one will be placed in a plain, open wooden box. This box is then placed inside a slightly oversized traditional coffin designed for this purpose. Once the funeral service is complete, the plain wooden box containing your loved one will be removed from the display coffin. The wooden box is then closed, and your loved one can be safely cremated or buried.

Cremation and Burial

A rented display coffin is common when the deceased is to be cremated but is becoming an increasingly popular option for burials too. The fact that the wooden box containing your loved one is plain has environmental benefits. There are no varnishes or lacquers in the wood, making its burial kinder to the planet, as no noxious substances will escape from the wood and into the soil. 

Choosing a coffin can be a tremendously difficult decision. Your chosen funeral home will be able to assist. This can be followed by burial or cremation in a more appropriate vessel. Reach out to a funeral home to talk about their funeral planning solutions

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Saying goodbye to Gran

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