Saying goodbye to Gran

A Guide on Cemetery Restoration

Cemeteries have deep meanings in many societies around the world. They not only provide communities with a place to bury their dead but also remind members of significant events, such as wars and plagues. Over time, cemeteries get run down due to poor management. This extract discusses how to restore a cemetery.  Form a management committee.  The management committee should comprise people interested in restoring the graveyard. The functions of the committee include: Read More 

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Saying goodbye to Gran

My grandma had such a hard life. She was a real battler and had seen some tragic things, but she kept going and kept a smile on her face. I hope that we did a good job in honouring her spirit with her funeral services. When someone has had a hard life, it's a balance to tell everyone their story while also remembering the light and fun sides of their personality. Remembering someone so special is a blessing but also a great responsibility. This blog is all about making sure you say goodbye in a way that remembers the whole person.