Saying goodbye to Gran

Ensure You Can Hold the Type of Asian Funeral You Need When Contacting a Funeral Home

If a loved one has died, and you need to arrange a funeral that follows customs from an Asian country, culture, or religion, you need to be sure the funeral home can accommodate your needs. Most homes can, but sometimes the seemingly minor details are the ones that create issues. When looking for a funeral home, whether you need to arrange a funeral now or are merely planning ahead for yourself, ask as many questions as you can to ensure that your family can mourn as needed and does not suddenly find that they can't have the service they wanted to have. Read More 

Two Tips To Follow After Opting For A Prepaid Funeral

If you've recently arranged and paid for your funeral, here are two tips to keep in mind. Make sure you inform several people in your life about your prepaid funeral After the funeral home confirms that your prepaid funeral arrangements have been put in place, it's important to tell several people (ideally, both family members and a few close friends) about these arrangements. The reason for this is that if no one in your life is aware of the arrangements you've made, and your relatives and friends have no idea that you have, for example, an information pack about your prepaid funeral in your home, then it's possible that whoever is responsible for handling your funeral after you die might end up organising and paying for a funeral with money you left behind or with their own funds. Read More 

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Saying goodbye to Gran

My grandma had such a hard life. She was a real battler and had seen some tragic things, but she kept going and kept a smile on her face. I hope that we did a good job in honouring her spirit with her funeral services. When someone has had a hard life, it's a balance to tell everyone their story while also remembering the light and fun sides of their personality. Remembering someone so special is a blessing but also a great responsibility. This blog is all about making sure you say goodbye in a way that remembers the whole person.