Saying goodbye to Gran

Choosing a Coffin for a Loved One: A Few Considerations

If you've been tasked with making the funeral arrangements for a loved one, one of your major decisions will be choosing a coffin. Of course, there are a considerable number of options, ranging from a plain wooden (or even cardboard) box to lavishly ornamental coffins or even a non-traditional custom-made coffin. It's a significant decision that may represent a substantial financial investment. When choosing the best coffin, you need to consider a number of factors. Read More 

Does a Post Mortem Affect Your Ability to Cremate Your Loved One?

The need for a post mortem examination is determined by the state or territory in which the death occurred. Typically, a death can be referred to the coroner when its cause is unknown or considered to be suspicious. Death is often expected (due to age or poor health), but a post mortem might be ordered when a young, healthy person passes away for reasons that have not yet been determined (and this determination is the reason for the examination). Read More 

Cemetery Memorial Benches: A Place to Sit and Contemplate

When a loved one is laid to rest, it's difficult to anticipate how often you'll be visiting their grave in the years to come. It's not as though there's a minimum quota, and the frequency of your visits will be fairly organic — taking place as often as you need. You won't be the only one visiting, and while visiting a grave fulfils an emotional need, the cemetery memorial you choose can also reflect the physical needs of those who might visit to pay their respects. Read More 

Benefits of Funeral Webcasting You May Not Know About

Funeral webcasting is a new service many funeral directors are offering as part of funeral planning services. You may know about webcasting but think it would not benefit your funeral plans. The truth is there are several ways you can benefit from funeral webcasting for you or your loved ones. Here are a few of the benefits you may not know about and how they can benefit your plans. Archived Funeral Service Read More 

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Saying goodbye to Gran

My grandma had such a hard life. She was a real battler and had seen some tragic things, but she kept going and kept a smile on her face. I hope that we did a good job in honouring her spirit with her funeral services. When someone has had a hard life, it's a balance to tell everyone their story while also remembering the light and fun sides of their personality. Remembering someone so special is a blessing but also a great responsibility. This blog is all about making sure you say goodbye in a way that remembers the whole person.